Learn To Swim

Royal Life Saving Bahrain is committed to developing a culture of swimming and enjoyment of water where everyone has the opportunity to learn basic swimming - a vital skill that could one day save a life - while enabling lifelong enjoyment of water.

Having foundation skills in swimming also enables individuals to access a range of water-based recreation and competition opportunities that can contribute positively to their to their health and wellbeing. As we develop more youth with foundation skills in swimming, there is protential for more of our youth to progress further and achieve excellence in sports.

Progression Pathway

By providing more people with foundation skills at the base of the pyramid, more people in turn will potentially go on to recreational swimming and water-based activities, which will potentially lead to developing greater interest in competitive swimming and water-based activities.

Swim For Safety

Swim for Safety is a 'learn to swim' program for developing individuals from non-swimmers to basic swimmers with a focus on water safety.

Increasing the swimming capability of individuals is a fundamental need for preventing drowning death and injury in Bahrain. Being able to swim and behave safely in water are skills that should be available to all individuals, irrespective of location or socioeconomic status. In addition to increasing one's safety in the water, the ability to swim enables access to a range of water-based recreation and competition opportunities which contribute positively to health and wellbeing.

The goal of the Swim for Safety Program is for every student to know basic swimming and water safety skills at the completion of the program.

The students should be able to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • Understand dangers in and around water.
  • Swim continuously for 25m on front and/or back.
  • Float, scull and tread water continuously for one mintute.
  • Complete a water survival sequence.
  • Perform a talk, pull and throw resue.
  • Perform basic emergency response (DRSA).

Mobile Training

Royal Life Saving Bahrain also provides mobile training, which is a convenient service that focuses on individual swimming training. Our mobile training services are designed for all levels of ability from beginners to those looking to swim competitively.

Our fully-qualified coaches undergo rigorous training and assessment and can provide services at the pool of your choice or at one of our affiliated pools.

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