As a nation, we endeavour to develop and sustain our life with water for generations to come, while harvesting value today for individuals, communities' businesses and government.

  • Challenges

  • Goals

  • Implementation To Achieve Goals

    • Challenges

      Our endeavour brings to light a number of challenges that need to be addressed:

      • We lose many lives to drowning.
      • We have a limited focus on monitoring and analysing drowning-related death and injury.
      • Our people have limited opportunities to learn basic swimming skills.
      • Our children don't learn basic swimming in government schools.
      • Our people have a minimal understanding of how to be safe in, on and around water.
      • Our people have minimal first aid knowledge for dealing with emergencies around water.
      • Our visitors from other regions often lack skills and knowledge for sale recreational use of waterways.
      • Our watercraft users lack understanding and respect for safety.
      • Our public beaches have no lifeguard services of other safety measures.
      • Our hotels lack a standardised approach to managing safety in swimming pools and at beaches.
      • We have a number of private pools, with and without licences, where safety needs to be improved.
      • Our youth have limited opportunities for employment in water-related fields.
      • We need to provide more care and respect for our beaches and water environments.
    • Goals

      We have identified goals that we need to achieve to address these challenges:

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        Develop a culture of swimming and enjoying water.

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        Promote volunteerism and social cohesion

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        Reduce water-related death and injury.

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        Enhance the appeal of water-related tourism.

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        Foster respect for coastlines and marine habitats.

    • Implementation To Achieve Goals

      We have identified strategies we need to implement to achieve our goals, and these are based on a combination of international best practice and local context:


        Teach people foundation skills for swimming and water safety.


        Provide safe beaches, pools and other locations for recreating in water.


        Enable youth development, volunteerism and careers in lifesaving.


        Improve safety for boating and other watercraft recreation.

The Water Safety Strategy was developed in Bahrain for promoting safe enjoyment of water, building cohesive communities, enabling economic development and saving lives.

To read more about our strategy and goals, please download the RLSB Water Safety Strategy

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